Steward of the Gospel Initiative involves

The key tasks for the Stewards of the Gospel will be:

  • To examine their own parish, to find out what is going on and to pave the way for a plan for better evangelisation in and by the parish.
  • To begin to discern “which parish belongs to which” when it comes to working together in future.
  • To be a source of creative inspiration, looking for new ways to evangelise.
  • To be the voice of the laity when it comes to discerning the principles and priorities on which future plans will be based.
  • To be the voice of the laity when it comes to implementing the agreed principles in the particular local situation of their own parishes.

When the role is laid out like this you think – How does a guy from Glasgow, brought up as a protestant and when going to school, if a catholic kid walked around the corner, we would cross to the other side of the road – end up tasked with helping to steer this Parish through the challenges that lie ahead.

There is only one answer - the Holy Spirit has been and still is hard at work. I think he has been working on me for quite a few years now.

This is not change for change’s sake, this change is necessary to enable the Diocese, each Parish and the Catholic faith to go forward and meet the challenges that lie ahead in the future.

I cannot do this on my own, your participation is essential for the Steward of the Gospel initiative to be successful.

After the Brexit referendum, a father rang into a local radio saying that his son was absolutely furious with him and all the “oldies” for voting to leave the EU.

“You have all ruined my future and my life” he said.

“Hang on a minute son, did you register to vote?” says dad

 “Of course, I did, weeks ago” said the son.

“Did you vote?” asks the father.

 “Well no” said the son.

“Why not?” asks father.

“Well” says the son, “I had tickets for Glastonbury”.

You, as practicing Catholics, are already registered to vote, so please get involved and have a say, enter into discussions about the questions etc.…. and if possible, come along to any Steward of the Gospel activities.

You have the chance to have your say now.