Hardest Question from the Gospels

How do you keep the Faith?

Many, many years ago there was a village with a very successful and prosperous community. Every possible skill and trade was present in the village and they all worked together to ensure the prosperity in the community and village flourished. They had every skill and trade except one. There was no clockmaker.

Everyone had a clock and as time went by some people stopped winding them up as nobody could service or fix them. They gave up, what was the point!

However, some people carried on winding the clocks, even though they were erratic in their behaviour by giving an incorrect time and in some cases stopping to work completely. They carried on winding their clocks somehow secure in the belief that, one day, everything would be OK.

At last a clockmaker came to live in the village and, of course, he was inundated with work being asked to mend all the clocks.

The clocks where the people had given up winding the clocks were unable to be mended as they had seized up and had become rusty etc…

Nothing could be done to fix them.

The clocks where the people had continued to wind the clocks despite them giving incorrect times etc. could be mended.

If we read Parish instead of village and Prayer and Participation instead of winding the clock.

I hope you can see where I am coming from – Prayer in a Parish is an essential and powerful thing, as is participation (people getting involved).

The people who stopped winding the clocks had given up any thought or possibility that, in the future, things would work out. They had lost their faith in believing that someone would come and help them.

Whilst the people who kept remembering to wind their clocks were always sure that a clockmaker or someone would come to the village. Their faith/prayer was rewarded, also the fact that they kept participating through “winding their clocks” ensured that their community spirit and prosperity would continue.

I would ask all of you to pray for everyone in the Parish and if you have a skill and or the time to participate in the life of the Parish then we can face the future in a positive manner and face any challenges which may come our way.

We can do this together, it is no use leaving all this to the few who answer the questions or to me and my team, we can and need to do this together as a Parish. The Holy Spirit is at work here, open your hearts and minds and let him in.